Our Staff

Site Supervisors

Happy Face Nursery is lucky to be staffed by talented and passionate individuals. Listed below in alphabetical order is our Site Supervisors at our 5 different locations.


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Crystal Nicol

Chesterville Site Supervisor

Hi, I’m Crystal. I have been working with children since I was 15. I began working for Happy Face in Nov. 2015 and in 2016 I took on the role of  Lead Educator/Site Supervisor. I value creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging and respect. I work on building strong relationships with all the families and creating an environment that is a home away from home. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family. 

Jamie Clare

Nationview Site Supervisor

Hi, I’m Jamie. I started at Happy Face in September 2014 as an RECE at the Nationview site. I became the Lead Educator/ Site Supervisor in November 2016. I got into this career as I love working with children. I like to get the children engaged in playing group games or sports. During my time at Happy Face I have grown in building trusting relationships with children, parents and staff. I have coached hockey for the last 5 years and have played hockey for 25 years. 

Jillian Proulx

Morrisburg Site Supervisor

Hi! I’m Jillian (Jill). I started my career with Happy Face in 2017 as a full time float educator that travelled to all of our sites! In early 2018 I accepted a full time position at our Morrisburg location, and I’ve been here ever since! In September of 2020 I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to take on the role of Lead Educator/Site Supervisor here in Morrisburg. As a Supervisor and an Educator I place a lot of value in building meaningful trusting relationships as well as collaborating to create an environment and community where everyone feels as though they belong and are respected! Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family as well as my friends! 

Mandi Whiffin

Winchester Site Supervisor

Hi, I’m Mandi. I began my career with Happy Face Nationview in February 2022. When the Winchester location was finished, I transferred over as the Assistant Site Supervisor then eventually took on the role as Site Supervisor in January 2023. Originally from Newfoundland, I now live in Winchester with my husband Mike and our two children, Madden and Scarlet. When I’m not making up songs for the felt board or telling stories about dragons (why is it always dragons?) I enjoy watching documentaries, listening to music, and going on adventures with my family.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with the educators, children, and families that all come together to make Happy Face such a wonderful place to be!

Sonya Pensom

Roxmore Site Supervisor

Hi, I’m Sonya. I joined the Happy Face Team in March 2022, and I am loving every minute of it. During my time away from the classroom I was working in long-term care, I decided to come back to the classroom as I felt there was something missing in my career. Coming back into this field has brought so much joy to myself and my family. I am looking forward to furthering my knowledge within Happy Face. During my duration here, it has taught me so much already as an educator and Site Supervisor. I am always looking forward to new learning adventures with the children throughout our time together. I am a busy mom of three beautiful children. I have a passion for baking, cooking, four-wheeling and am always looking forward to something new.  I also love spending time with family.

Assistant Educator of the Year

In recognition of outstanding performance.


Siobhan Debres (Chesterville)

Alana Kaddie (Morrisburg)

Hannah Keeler (Nationview)

Grace Tait (Roxmore)

Zena Bowman (Winchester)



Valerie Stewart (Chesterville)

Carly Bradford (Morrisburg)

Shawnna Bilow (Nationview)

Natasha Sayyeau-Ladouceur (Roxmore)

Shauna Donoghue (Winchester)


Early Learning Professional of the Year

The recipient of this award goes to someone who exemplifies every aspect of the Happy Face vision. They step up to help in everyway possible, putting the children, families, and their colleagues needs above their own. They are committed to their own professional learning and have stepped outside their comfort zone to explore any ideas that are thrown their way.

Suzanne Akintunde Memorial Award

The recipient of this award is a leader in thoughtful program planning and implementation, reflective practice, and insightful pedagogical documentation. Someone who is responsive to the needs of children, families, and colleagues. Someone who is dedicated to their own professional learning and to supporting others.

RECE of the Year

In recognition of outstanding performance and dedicated service.

Assistant Educator of the Year

In recognition of outstanding performance.

Early Learning Professional of the Year

2023 – Jamie Clare (Nationview Site)


2022 – Crystal Nicol (Chesterville Site)

Suzanne Akintunde Memorial Award

2023 – Caitlin Perry (Morrisburg Site)

2022 – Jillian Proulx (Morrisburg Site)

RECE of the Year

In recognition of outstanding performance and dedicated service.


Donna Locey (Chesterville)

Jillian Proulx (Morrisburg)

Jessica Harper (Nationview)

Ainsley Doyle (Roxmore)

Sophie Marsolais (Winchester)



Erin Drapeau (Chesterville)

Natasha Sadler (Morrisburg)

Jamie Clare (Nationview)

Julie MacDonald (Roxmore)

Mandi Whiffin (Winchester)