We are looking for:
Registered Early Childhood Educators


  • RECE in good standing
    Clear Criminal Record Check including Vulnerable Sector Check
    Current Standard First Aid and CPR-C required



  • The successful applicant will be an enthusiastic educator who has proven their enthusiasm for Early Childhood Education. This person will show initiative in their daily practices and will show evidence of being an intentional and reflective RECE. The successful applicant is a life-long learner who is dedicated to professional development.



  • The applicant must show knowledge and understanding of the “How Does Learning Happen?” document and the Child Care and Early Years Act (CCEYA)


Please email for more information or to apply.


Assistant Educators


  • Clear Criminal Record Check including Vulnerable Sector Check and current Standard First Aid and CPR C required


Please email for more information or to apply.

  • Monday – Friday 6:00am-6:00pm
  • Competitive Wages
  • Health Benefits
  • RRSP/Life Insurances
  • Paid Documentation and Program Planning time
  • Paid Time Off Including Sick and Personal
  • Early Childhood Education Grants
  • Pedagogical Mentorship program
  • Professional Development opportunities (Workshops/Webinars/Conferences)

Educators deserve to be treated with respect and valued for the critical role they play in the lives of children and families. They develop trusting relationships and provide learning environments that support development, health, and well-being. They plan experiences that inspire children to explore and make sense of the world. They are reflective practitioners who are intentional in their everyday practice and deserve opportunities for professional growth and learning.


I have been working for Happy Face since 2015 and the professional growth opportunities that I have been able to take advantage of has helped me grow as an Educator and in my role as Supervisor. Most recently I have been given the opportunity to join in a 12 week Self Reg course in Early Childhood Development, held by the Mehrit Centre. This program has helped me gain a better understanding of how important building safe and caring relationships with the families and especially the children. And also the knowledge of stress behaviours and misbehaviour. I have also gained the confidence to share my knowledge by joining the Happy Face Mentoring Team and help other educators in their journey as well.


RECE, Site Supervisor, Happy Face Nursery School

Working for Happy Face has been such an enriching experience for me both in my professional practice and my personal life. Every day we see that the children already know so much and are capable of such wonderful things and Happy Face has taken that to heart and built it into the fabric of our programs.  Happy Face values continuous, reflective learning and provides so many opportunities for the educators to learn, grow, practice, and reflect on all areas of child development. Through webinars and workshops I have been able to delve into the most fascinating research; from neurodevelopment to dance lessons to connecting with nature, my understanding of children, myself, and our world keeps growing. Being a part of the Pedological Mentoring Program has also given me a forum for discussions with other amazing educators about the “whys” of what we do, its importance, and where we can go next. Happy Face has been an incredible company to work with and the management, educators, children, and families have all come together to create something very special.


RECE, Site Supervisor, Happy Face Nursery School

Since beginning my career with Happy Face Nursery School I have been shown time and time again that the professional growth of educators is a very important value of the organization. Professional development opportunities such as webinars, and in-person workshop opportunities are regularly emailed and shared to all staff to sign-up for. Additionally, Happy Face Nursery School hosts their own professional development days in April, and in December annually for all staff to attend. Taking advantage and attending these variety of opportunities has led me to value life-long learning, and grow my confidence in my practise as an educator and a Supervisor. 
Another way that Happy Face demostrates its commitment to building a community of reflective, life long learners is through their Pedagogical Mentoring program. Created in 2018, this team of educators meet biweekly to study resources and engage in reflective conversations that are then shared with other staff. Recently, the Mentoring Program has started to host weekly Professional Development meetings for educators to attend. These meetings offer space and time for educators to gain new knowledge about a variety of topics and share their own experiences. Also, educators are always welcome to apply to become Mentors themselves. I became a Mentor in 2018 which has without a doubt been the best decision in my professional career. Without this opportunity I wouldn’t have the knowledge and confidence I have today. 
It’s an incredible honour and privilege to work for a company that provides educators with paid time for documentation, planning, reflection, and collaboration with other educators through the Mentoring Program. 

RECE, Site Supervisor, Happy Face Nursery School

I started at Happy Face after I had my daughter. I was simply looking for a job to help me stay close to her, but I ended up with so much more! After being out of the daycare setting for so long I was shocked to see how valued I was at Happy Face. I was (and am) more than a body filling a role. I am valued for my experience, my knowledge, my strengths! Happy Face has given me so many opportunities to grow and gain more skills and understand my worth. I have been able to reflect and gain confidence, skill, perspective,  and so much more. I am also supported as a parent and I know my daughter is more than just another child, she is loved, treasured, and supported in her class!
Since I started with Happy Face in 2021 I have moved into the Assistant Supervisor role at Nationview and taken a place among the mentors. I have grown more as an ECE, an educator, and a person in my time at Happy Face than I did in my previous years anywhere else! I have been given the tools to discover what is important to me and supported in working through challenges. As a mentor I have found my real aspiration in supporting educators!  I have gotten to see other staff discover their passions and ambitions in child care! Watching them learn and grow is an amazing experience that keeps me excited every single day!

RECE, Assistant Site Supervisor, Happy Face Nursery School